AB 1307 - The College Opportunity Act


AB 1307 – the College Opportunity Act – restores equity and predictability in the Cal Grant award formula for students and their families attending independent colleges. Reestablishing the Cal Grant formula represents a smart and sound policy for California.

Cal Grant students attending ICCU institutions reflect the diversity of the state. These students face significant challenges to obtain a higher education degree and deserve a predictable award as students have in the UC and CSU systems.

By reinstituting a funding formula, AB 1307 will promote:

  • EQUITY for all Cal Grant students;

  • PREDICTABILITY for students’ and families;

  • ACCESS to the available capacity in the ICCU sector.

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How the Cal Grant Makes a Difference

“The Cal Grant is essential to level the playing for students who otherwise would not have this opportunity. I believe its vital for people to understand the value of programs like Cal Grant not only for present-day college students, but for those that will come after us. Being part and a voice of the migrant and Latino community, I believe that it is our moral & ethical responsibility to ensure that everyone has the right to education, even if their social or economic status is not the ideal. I know that without the Cal Grant, I might still have an opportunity to a higher education, but this opportunity would have come at a much higher cost & might have drawn me back from pursuing it.”

Karina Gastelum, Mount Saint Mary’s University – Los Angeles

Jessica Kim, Point Loma Nazarene University

Christina Maricic, University of Southern California

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