Bringing Students Together

Founded in 1955, the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) is comprised of over 80 independent, nonprofit colleges and universities in California. Together, these institutions make up the Independent California Colleges and Universities Sector (ICCU).

The core mission of ICCU institutions is to improve lives through higher education. ICCU institutions are committed to the public good and are incredibly diverse—ranging from small to large traditional liberal arts institutions, including nationally ranked research universities; colleges offering faith-based, performing and visual arts, and “non-traditional” programs of study; as well as professional schools that specialize in business, law, and medicine.

In addition to providing creative and intellectual higher education resources to assure California’s future economic vitality, ICCU institutions are major contributors to the economies of the regions they serve—as large employers and consumers of local goods and services. ICCU institutions offer programs in more than 100 locations across California, contributing to the betterment of the state in many ways, through:

  • Providing access to quality higher education for California’s diverse population.
  • Creating highly skilled workers to successfully compete in the global economy and to be engaged citizens

The independent sector has played a pivotal role in the development of the state’s model higher education offerings and in making California a symbol of innovation across the globe. California’s independent colleges and universities award over 20% of all undergraduate degrees and over 50% of graduate degrees in the State.

AICCU members collectively help shape policy for higher education.

An Executive Committee of member presidents and campus trustees governs AICCU. For Audited Financials please contact Susan Cotton.

Mission Statement

AICCU speaks on behalf of the Independent California Colleges and Universities (ICCU) and seeks to strengthen those institutions through collaboration, governmental advocacy, and public engagement aimed at supporting the ability of the ICCU to successfully serve students, families, their communities, and the state.

Vision Statement

AICCU will be a transformative influence and positive force for change in the California higher education ecosystem through advocacy and leadership at the state and federal levels. The association will support member institutions in their commitment to prepare and empower students to have positive impacts in their communities, the country, and the world. Finally, AICCU will be a valued resource for policymakers, business and community leaders, and the media via our work to advance statewide goals of making college more accessible, affordable, and effective for students, society, and the economy.