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Statement Regarding Governor Newsom’s Signed 2019-20 Budget


Statement Regarding Governor Newsom’s Signed 2019-20 Budget  

Kristen Soares, President, Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities 

June 28, 2019 

On behalf of the over 358,000 students attending the independent, nonprofit colleges and universities (ICCU), the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) applauds Governor Gavin Newsom’s signed 2019-20 state budget and his commitment to California higher education access and affordability by maintaining the maximum Cal Grant award for students attending ICCU institutions. We are pleased to see expansion of the Cal Grant B Service Incentive Grants for AB 540 students. Cal Grant recipients must often overcome significant odds to apply, qualify, and attend the college or university that best suits their needs. We also thank the Legislature for their continued strong support of low-income students. Many of whom our first in their families to attend college. 

AICCU looks forward to working with the public higher education segments and state agencies on the development of a state longitudinal data system. The data system will allow policymakers and stakeholders to gain better insight and data on the cradle-to-career pipeline and inform policy decisions as a result. We thank the Governor and Legislature for AICCU’s inclusion in the workgroup and are eager to contribute to these important and impactful discussions.  

AICCU will continue our work to ensure our Cal Grant student-parent community has the same availability of supplemental Cal Grant access awards as their counterparts attending a public institution. We will also continue our work to ensure the summer Cal Grant is accessible to all students, regardless of the institution they attend. The Cal Grant program has and should continue to support all students, no matter where they choose to attend college and to protect the program pillars of portability, access, and success. 


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The Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) is comprised of 84 independent, nonprofit colleges and universities, which make up the Independent California Colleges and Universities (ICCU) sector. The ICCU sector plays a pivotal role in the development of the state’s model higher education offerings and in making California a symbol of innovation across the globe. Within California, ICCU institutions award 20 percent of all undergraduate degrees and over 50 percent of graduate degrees, making them the largest preparers of California’s advanced workforce. 

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