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Assemblywoman Bonilla Policy Maker of the Year

Assemblymember Susan Bonilla has been named the inaugural recipient of the “Policy Maker of the Year” award from the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU).  Bonilla was honored at Saint Mary’s College of California during the annual AICCU President’s Meeting. The event took place at 7 p.m. October 18, 2012.

Bonilla was recognized by the AICCU for her dedication to providing access and opportunities in higher education to all students, including support of Cal Grant students attending California’s nonprofit private colleges and universities.

Bonilla’s recognition by the AICCU follows her recent efforts to prevent cuts to Cal Grants in the state’s budget. Bonilla worked tirelessly with other legislators, their staff, and AICCU to forge a compromise that minimized the budget cut to Cal Grant students including those attending California’s nonprofit independent institutions. As Chair of the Assembly’s Budget Sub-committee on Education Finance, Bonilla allowed everySaint Mary’s president Brother Ronald Gallagher said the College, was honored to host the event to recognize the lawmaker from California’s 11th district.

Cal Grant student that wanted to testify before the Committee, including students from Saint Mary’s.

“Academically qualified, financially deserving California students at AICCU schools have Assemblymember Bonilla to thank for the preservation of the Cal Grant program,” said AICCU’s president Kristen Soares,

AICCU’s “Policy Maker of the Year Award” will be an annual award given to an individual, who more than any other, worked hard to assure that the contributions of California’s nonprofit private sector are appreciated as part of the solution to challenges facing this great state.

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