Membership Information

Membership in AICCU

AICCU is the voice of private nonprofit higher education in California. Seventy-three percent of all institutions eligible for membership belong to AICCU. With a total annual enrollment in excess of 320,000 undergraduate and graduate students, AICCU provides private nonprofit perspective on higher education in California and nationally.

AICCU provides the opportunity for its members to work collaboratively on issues affecting higher education generally, and those unique to private nonprofit higher education. AICCU also represents the interests of private nonprofit higher education as a member of the California Education Roundtable and its administrative arm, the Intersegmental Coordinating Committee, AICCU’s work with the public segments of higher education assure that private nonprofit higher education interests are represented during public policy dialogue.

AICCU serves its members through government relations, public policy development and advocacy, research, admission services, professional development, and joint financial services.

AICCU offers two membership options:

  • Member— must be a nonprofit, WASC accredited, degree-granting institution operating in California.
  • Affiliate—must share the commitment that AICCU members have to higher education.

Who Are AICCU Members?

AICCU’s strength lies in its diverse and loyal membership base. Visit our member colleges page to learn more about the internationally recognized research universities, traditional liberal arts colleges, faith-based, visual and performing arts institutions, and professional schools of medicine, business, law and dentistry.


AICCU member institutions are bound by a common commitment to quality instruction and dedicated to collaborative efforts that strengthen the private nonprofit sector of higher education in California.

AICCU’s benefits are driven by the needs of its members and fall into 5 general categories:

  1. Public Policy Advocacy and Representation
  2. Research Analysis
  3. Member Services (Joint Financial Programs)
  4. Professional Development
  5. Admission Services

How AICCU Represents and Advocates for Its Members

  • Coordinated governmental advocacy through targeted legislative and executive branch visits, testimony, and mobilization of the entire private nonprofit higher education community.
  • News and analysis through the AICCU Week In Review and other member communications.
  • Background, talking points, and position papers to inform and mobilize members.
  • Coordinates the California Students First Alliance to engage students at member institutions around issues of greatest interest to students.
  • Strategic communications including media outreach and segment voice on higher education issues.

Member Services

  • Aggregated joint purchasing programs in the areas of health insurance, life and long-term disability.
  • Negotiated group rates for auto and home insurance.
  • Discounted pricing and special license administration assistance for Microsoft and Adobe software products.
  • Access to thousands of discounted goods and services through consortium purchasing contracts negotiated by Provista—one of the world’s best and largest consortium purchasing contracts administrator.
  • Discounted pricing for software available to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Discounted AT&T mobile service for students, faculty, and staff.

Research & Analysis

  • AICCU collects, analyzes, and disseminate higher education research to inform public policy discussions and interested constituents.
  • AICCU conducts several annual member surveys to establish comparative data through analysis to help members better understand the segment, the higher education public policy environment, and their own institution’s operations.
  • AICCU assists members in completing their federally mandated IPEDS reports, and it represents private nonprofit colleges on trends and metrics in across education segments.

Professional Development & Support

  • AICCU convenes regular meetings of campus personnel to share best practices, discuss current challenges, and consider emerging trends. These groups include: Human Resources, Deans of Education, and Government Relations.
  • Facilitate important discussions and innovative idea sharing for campus leaders at the AICCU annual meetings.
  • Networking opportunities for presidents, chief academic officers. chief financial officers, and leaders in admission, financial aid, human resources, schools of education, and government relations.
  • AICCU also facilitates Capitol visits for member programs that wish to expose students to the workings of the State Capitol.

Admission Services and Visibility

  • AICCU publishes and distributes an annual Guide to California Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • AICCU chairs the statewide committee responsible for operating, the state’s official website to plan, prepare, and pay for college. Only public and AICCU colleges are represented on the site, which attracts millions of visitors annually.
  • AICCU also oversees the inter-segmental initiative known as Transfer Days/College Nights, which substantially easies the administrative and scheduling burden on members as they annually visit high schools and community colleges to recruit students.
  • AICCU staff is available for, and make presentations at, college outreach events around the state.

Membership Application

To join AICCU, download and complete the membership application form and email it to Susan Cotton.

Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, it is then presented to the AICCU Executive Committee for final approval. The Executive Committee meets quarterly (in January, March, June and October). Subsequent to Executive Committee approval, a dues invoice will be mailed to you. Dues are based on a formula that is periodically reviewed by the Executive Committee.